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Touch up for final draft
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ENG1200 Composition II


Rough Draft

Neal Jones

Instructor: Chad May




Having good health is important to be a functioning member of society. Society depends on its thriving members in order to continue functioning well. According to the World Health Organization, health is described as the lack of disease with complete mental, physical and social welfare (Horan, Andrus & Dudeck, 2008). In America, the health of the people is very valuable, and the country has a very well-developed system of health care that is accessible to everyone. Judging from years back, where health care systems were only available to few people with money and the sick would only visit health care centers on the last leg of their lives, the American health care system has come from far. The level of health care in our society has improved marginally from the days of insanitary hospital and mental health facilities to institutions that are well funded and managed to offer high standard services to everyone.

The importance of health care

Good health is the basic need for a prolonged lifespan on this planet. Every human being is entitled to have this basic need in order to live a full life, as it was intended. Proper health care services are important to provide this need for people, and it has become the mandate of every government to provide these services for their people (Stoddart & Evans, 2017). Without proper health care, people’s lives are put at stake and this results in broken societies, where bad health results in broken systems which in turn has dire consequences like the collapsing of those societies. It is important for a society to mind the health of the people in order for that society to prosper.

Health care being a privilege means that everyone is entitled to receive those services from any medical facility, that is funded by the government. Governments have the duty to provide well-facilitated health services to serve the people in order to maintain a healthy society. It is important for governments to establish health care systems that enable people to access good health care assistance to facilitate their health. Streamlining the way health care is to be administered to the people is important to ensure that proper conduct is always observed in administering health care services to the people. Health care service providers: doctors, nurses, and others, should have proper training on how to perform their duties well for the sake of the people. In the past, health care services were very hard and coarse, and people would only visit there when they were dying. But in modern times, health care services have become the place to go on a regular day, to get check-ups to ensure that all is well.

Science and technology

Science and technology have improved the way health care is administered to the people. Countless research has been done to determine how well to provide these services to the people, and this has worked to upgrade the health care service to the way it is in modern times (Hwang& Christensen, 2008). This, in turn, has improved the wellbeing of the people and ensured that people trust health care providers more and are willing to visit health care facilities to determine and improve their health. Science has improved how diseases are detected and treated, and it has also familiarized people with information that would help them make better choices in their daily lives that would maintain their good health. Technology has improved on the facilities, mechanism and the functionality of a health facility with new equipment and machines being invented, to help ease the work of health care providers (Sommers, 2012).

Science and technology have made major strides in the health sector and this in turn, has worked to improve the lives of the people. Science has been the main driver of improving the standards of living for people, by providing conclusive research results on how well to maintain the lives of humans, to enable them to live a healthy and long life. It is important to note that without dedicated scientists who have spent tireless days and nights, to observe the human body and note how to properly care for it to prolong the lifespan, our health care system would not exist or would be of low standards. Technology, on the other hand, has improved the system by the creation of amenities that are equipped in hospitals to assist the work of health care service providers.

Contemporary health care

Contemporary health care is defined as the method of involving health practitioners and professionals to provide services that would enable a person to improve on their overall wellbeing (Stoddart & Evans, 2017). It is the new age method of providing health care that has been thoroughly studied by scientists and is widely accepted across the globe. The health practitioners include doctors, nurses, pharmacists, therapists and other healthcare teams that are subjected to duties of providing health care. These practitioners implement appropriate prevention mechanisms and carry out proper diagnosis of ailments to determine the proper course of action to cure the sick and restore good health. This is why proper education is important, to ensure that these practitioners are able to take care of the health of a society. There are boards governing and regulating the health care systems to ensure that it is a well-oiled machine that works for the benefit of the people.

Traditional health care

Traditional medicine is described as the method of providing health care beliefs and gathered experiences, that have been proved to work to cure diseases and restore good health (Osifo, 1989). This kind of medicine is not supported by scientists but has been practiced through ages and is used in areas where public health is not well observed by the government, and people cannot afford to access health care facilities. It is also used as an alternative medicine in situation where contemporary medicine has failed. In this case, the tried and tested methods are applied to provide relief to people with poor health. The traditional medicine is widely used in the African and the Asian continent, where herbs provided by the earth are used to create medicine. The information on how to cure people using herbs is passed through generations as these methods have been used for ages. It is important to note that some of these traditional methods of providing relief and curing diseases are slowly finding its way into modern society, as it is being decided that these methods do work to provide good health. Methods like acupuncture and herbs like the Sutherlandia microphylla and the Artemisia annua are being studied for their unique abilities to offer relief in HIV and Malaria respectively.


Proper health care is and should be a right and not a privilege for every human being. Good health for people means the prosperity of a society. It is the duty of the government to ensure that the necessary health facilities are provided for the people to maintain their good health. Diseases are part and parcel of human life, and to have the chance to rectify this situation is important for humanity to survive. Whether it is the contemporary health care or traditional health care, the government has the mandate to regulate these systems to ensure that its people receive high standard medical assistance to maintain their good health. No one asks for diseases, and that’s why there should be available health care systems that can cater to all kinds of ailments, to ensure that good health is observed. Society does depend on the good health of its people to be sustainable otherwise it collapses.


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