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Transgender Identity | Get Quick Solution
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As human beings, we like things straightforward and simple – not too much thinking involved. That’s not a bad thing; it’s probably useful in some situations, but it’s not always useful in many person-to-person interactions.

There’s been great progress in recognizing that “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” (and other labels that we like to use on people) aren’t as binary as we expect them to be: the idea that you are this or that, with nothing in-between, is often a false dichotomy.

After viewing the video (see mini-lecture link), what are your thoughts about the parents’ decision to let Jazz transition from a biological male to a self-identified female? Do you agree with the parents’ decision? Why or why not?

Don’t just give your personal opinion, support your view with the information from the video and Modules 14. You can earn full credit by using the research and theory to support your opinion; be sure to

  • (4 pts) explain the difference between gender role and gender identity*, and
  • (4 pts) explain one of the reasons (theory or research) given as to how children develop their gender identity* (you can use social learning theory, gender schema theory, or a biological theory [see p. 177 on “Sexual Development Variations”]) on gender identity development. Do not use Module 15 (it discusses sexual orientation, but it does not discuss gender identity).
  • (7 pts) how does the theory/research you described above support or not support your opinion regarding the parents’ decision?
    • be sure to integrate the theory/research with Jazz’s family situation
      • regardless of your opinion, be aware that I expect you to cite the research (or theory) and what is known about Jazz’s circumstances from the video and backstory; critical thinking requires that you use the research (or theory), not your “intuition.”
        • a lot of students don’t score well on this portion because they aren’t able to integrate the information; your task is to use the research/theory in reference to Jazz and her parent’s journey to the decision: how does this particular theory that you presented above support (or not support) Jazz and her parents’ decision to allow her to transition?
          • if you have questions about what I require, please write me via Canvas email

*In explaining the research/theory, be clear, accurate, and complete in the way you present the material from the text; remember that you are “teaching” the concept. Do not use quotations; always use your own words.




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