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This is my Personality Types discussion.
My personality test results:
INFJ (Introversion, Intuiting, Feeling, Judging)
What are four lessons that you learned about yourselves for each dimension of your type respectively?
2a. Introversion: – I learned that I prefer solitude and silence. That means I don’t find it convenient to work with other people and I’d rather work with myself. Solitude is helping me to concentrate very well.
2b. Intuiting: – I learned that I don’t stay in present, I look to the future. I am person who imagines things happening to view the results by just picturing it. I look at things more global.
2c. Feeling: – I learned that I make my decisions according to my own considerations, my main concern is how my decision can affect other people. And that is correct much of the recent literature or business books are written on happiness; on having a sense of purpose; on feeling safe; of having meaning in your work; on engaging people; on motivating and inspiring others; on finding their why. For me is so important when person can understand other person’s feelings and emotions.

2d. Judging: – I learned so much about myself and agree. I am a person who sticks to deadlines. I stress out when thing isn’t done on time or organized. Always on time and hate last minute tasks. I love to take control.

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TSP Project | Browse Solutions
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