Two 100-150-word answers to discussion questions | Get Quick Solution

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Two 100-150-word answers to discussion questions | Get Quick Solution
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The purpose of discussion forum is to encourage you to debate and consider the questions of the week in depth – to provide the same opportunities that you might have in a class to teach and learn from each other.

For each module, you’ll receive fifteen to twenty questions, and you should write 100 to 150-word answers on TWO questions. I’ll be looking for clarity, specific information, and evidence that you are reading and learning from fellow students.

Please also be aware that you will not receive full credit for your post if you primarily summarize what others have already written.

For your response, you might want to consider responding to someone in your group. You can see your group on this page & I’ve set it so that you can edit it; feel free to shift yourself around or add yourself to a different group.

It makes sense to try to limit your post to 150-words to give your fellow students the possibility of also responding to the question.

Your post should add some substantive point to the discussion. For example, you could make reference to an event, individual, quote, or movement from the textbook; you could interpret the evidence in a new and different way from the existing posts; you could ask a question about something that you found puzzling or confusing; you could link evidence in other posts to the larger questions for the week, or you could ask an insightful question that spurs students to think more deeply about the material.

Here are some tips if you feel that what you have written has already been discussed.

I hope that you also see these discussion questions as prompts that will allow you to write answers to the question but also to comment on what you found most interesting in the chapter.

*Please put the number of words at the bottom of your post. Please do not include your quote in your word count.

Please remember that these contributions must be in your own words. Even for these informal assignments, as well as quizzes, a student who uses another’s words without proper attribution is committing plagiarism.

Finally you might consider “liking” posts that are well-written or lead you to think about the material in new ways.

Here are the questions for this week:

1. It has been said that the Romans managed to create a world that the Greeks had only dreamed about. To what extent do you think this is true?

2. Why was the last century of the Roman Republic filled with turmoil and civil discord? Was the violence a cause or a symptom of political dysfunction? Was the Roman Republic doomed? Could the Roman Republic have survived? Explain.

3. Discuss the career of Julius Caesar. How did he obtain power in Rome? Why was he assassinated?

4. Have a look at the map “Civil War of the Late Roman Republic, 49-45 BCE.” What accounts for the different locations to which Julius Caesar traveled? What might these travels and civil war sites reveal about the relative importance of different parts of the Roman Empire?

5. Rome succeeded where previous conquerors failed. The Roman Empire lasted for five hundred years in the west and nearly one thousand more years in the east. Why were the Romans more successful than Alexander the Great?

6. The section “Caesar’s Big Break” considers in depth a historical accident that opened the possibility for Julius Caesar’s dramatic role in history. Overall, throughout the class we are following the themes of chance and choice. What events demonstrate the important of chance or choice in the history of Julius Caesar?
Chance: “the occurrence and development of events in the absence of any obvious design.”

7. Discuss the struggle between Mark Antony and Octavian. Why might the Mediterranean world have turned in a different direction had Antony triumphed over Octavian?

8. Explain the success of Augustus in establishing a new imperial order in Rome. Why was he able to retain his popularity despite his authoritarian rule and his ending of Republican rule in which Romans had so much pride?

9. How did Rome and its empire benefit from Augustus’s rule? How did he change the physical appearance and infrastructure of Rome itself? Draw on map 5.2 for your answers.

10. How and why did the cult of emperors begin under Augustus? What role did literary figures such as Virgil, Ovid, and Horace play in the growth of that cult? To what extent did Augustus himself nurture it?

11. One primary source for the chapter describes Augustus greatest accomplishments. How should we use this as a historical source? What aspects seem accurate and which seem exaggerated?

12. What was daily life like for a typical prosperous male Roman citizen? In what ways were women limited by their gender? How did social class impact how people lived?

13. What role did slavery play in the Roman Empire? Consider the questions associated with the section “The Antikythera Device”: “How might the institution of slavery have inhibited the invention of labor-saving devices and made small machines elite playthings?” How might individuals have used the Antikythera device?

14. Consider the question asked by our authors at the end of the chapter: “How and why was the second century CE Rome’s best imperial period?”

15. What similarities or differences can you see between the Persian and Roman Empires?

16. Why was Roman expansion into a stable empire successful while Athenian expansion was not?

17. What other comparisons might you consider or want to develop that could shed light on this chapter’s themes?


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