Two Midterm Essays

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Two Midterm Essays
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The Week 2 and 3 lessons in this course focused upon various theoretical explanations for why juvenile delinquency occurs. As highlighted in these lessons, the theoretical views can be categorized into the following groupings: (1) Individual causes; (2) Societal causes; (3) Social process; and (4) Social interaction.

Compose an essay of 500 – 700 words where you explain the primary differences in the types of theories that fall into each of these four groupings. As part of your response utilize examples of theories that fall within each grouping, being sure to explain why those theories best align with the group you identified as opposed to another grouping.

The Week 4 lesson in this course focused upon the impact of gender and family structure on decisions to participate in delinquency as a juvenile. This lesson highlighted some of the key factors that not only distinguish the likelihood of a male versus a female being a juvenile delinquent, but also the role of family structure in decisions to participate in delinquency as a juvenile.

Compose an essay of 500 – 700 words that begins by discussing the key factors between male and female juveniles and their decisions to avoid or participate in delinquent acts. Next, identify and discuss at least three family factors that might increase the likelihood that a juvenile will participate in deviant activities.

Directly quoted material may be used, but will not count towards the minimum word count. Be sure to support your response with cited scholarly resources as required by APA. A minimum of three (3) peer-reviewed scholarly sources must be used when composing your response.


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