U.S. and Missouri Government and Constitution

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U.S. and Missouri Government and Constitution
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Volkomer, Chapter 12–Civil Rights

-What are some of the key cases on which Volkomer relies in relating the basic legal history of civil rights in America? How, when, and why has the legal recognition of rights changed over time? What has been the role of individuals in championing their rights?

Volkomer, Chapter 13–Public Policy

-Give here your rolling analysis of this chapter in Volkomer. What are some of the major areas that “public policy” touches? What are some of the most controversial of these? How has public policy changed over the years, and why?

Volkomer Chapter 14– Foreign Policy

Give here your rolling analysis of Volkomer, Chapter 14. In doing so, consider especially these historic statements of American foreign policy: Washington’s Farewell Address, the Monroe Doctrine, and Roosevelt’s Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine. How would you characterize the underlying philosophy of American foreign policy today?


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