UN peacekeeping in the 1990s | Get Quick Solution

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UN peacekeeping in the 1990s | Get Quick Solution
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Choose either Somalia or the former Yugoslavia.

Part 1 – Continuing with our approach of “what have we learned” – what are the three most important lessons in UN involvement in the conflict you choose? How do they compare with your analysis of the conflicts in Week 2? (SEE ATTACHED FOR WEEK TWO ANALYSIS)

Part 2 – Thinking about the ineffectiveness of these missions, in your view, do the institutional problems concerning peacekeeping within the UN still exist today?

Focus on the readings and background materials in Lessons to help answer the first part of the question. You may bring in outside readings (research) to discussion current institutional issues.

Your answer should be at least 350 words, with three follow-ups to classmates of at least 150 words. Try to push the discussions forward by asking a follow-up question or sharing a resource.


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