Understanding substance addiction from a social work perspective

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Understanding substance addiction from a social work perspective
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Refer to the case example of Ashley in the Lander article on the NIH website for the following discussion. What would you expect to be difficult for Ashley in the family setting with her father? How would you help her to understand and cope with her mother’s addiction? What approach would you take in work with Ashley, her father, and younger brother? What would be your response to Ashley’s statement, “If only I take really good care of her, maybe she’ll be able to take care of me someday”?

Outline your understanding of the family system issues in Ashley’s family.

400 Words APA format

Readings: Wormer, K. & Davis, D. (2018). Addiction treatment: a strengths perspective. Boston, MA: Cengage Learning. ISBN-13: 978-1305943308


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