Unit 2 Assignment: (4 pages) | Get Quick Solution

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Unit 2 Assignment: (4 pages) | Get Quick Solution
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Book for this is: Prisons Today and Tomorrow (textbook).

Assignment Details

Practices in Corrections

For this assignment write a 1,050-1,350 analysis on practices in corrections. Pick a policy-related procedure in an area of corrections that interests you and analyze three different practices used in this area, using historical and contemporary examples to illustrate your points. Using at least three scholarly sources, assess the research findings, policies, and procedures related to the area of corrections you have selected.

Below is a list of suggested topics, but you can choose any topic in corrections of interest to you.

  • Classification of Offenders
  • Sex Offenders
  • Religious Practices
  • Medical Treatment
  • Treatment of Mentally Handicapped
  • Treatment of the Elderly
  • Educational Opportunities

Your essay should:

  • Summarize your chosen topic
  • Describe at least one real-world example of each of the three different practices related to your chosen topic
  • Analyze and evaluate research findings, policies, and procedures relevant to the topic to determine their strengths and weaknesses within the context of corrections
  • Propose a best practice for corrections based on your research, analysis, and evaluation.


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