Unit 6 DB: Peer Review of Introduction | Get Quick Solution

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Unit 6 DB: Peer Review of Introduction | Get Quick Solution
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In this discussion board, you will begin writing your Argument Essay due at the end of Unit 7 by submitting the introduction to your essay. The introduction is the opening of your essay. You want to hook the reader from the first paragraph of your essay. In order to do that, you will need to pay attention to the first sentence you use in your essay. You want to engage the readers with that sentence. Then, in the next sentences of the introduction, set up what your essay will be focusing on. Briefly, explain your topics and anything else the reader needs to know before they move into the rest of your essay. Finally, end the introduction with a thesis statement that illustrates your argument as well as your topics. Remember from Unit 3, the thesis is your main argument and the reasons (called topics) to support your argument.

Review these instructions for the upcoming argument essay- (unit 7 assignment)

– Note, the reason why I attached unit 7 assignment is bc the introduction you do here will continue to complete unit 7 assignment.

– Attached documents ( unit 7 assignment) is to show you how the intro will be used to complete the next final assignment. (unit 7 help) is what u can use to help with your intro)


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