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Unit 6: Discussion | Get Quick Solution
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Unit 6: Discussion

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Welcome to the unit discussion area for EN106. This area will fill up quickly with lively interchanges among you, your colleagues and your instructor. Check back often!

Important! Most units, you are required to post your own responses before you can see your classmates’ responses. The reason for this is that your instructor and classmates are interested in your thoughts on the subject! Remember, most of the topics in discussion have to do with your analysis and interpretation, not an objective right/wrong answer. Your unit discussion responses are graded not only for accuracy but also for creativity and insight. See the Grading and Assessment page for more details.

Due Date: Your discussion post is due no later than Thursday Noon Central Standard Time (CST). This unit, you are not required to post follow-up posts. However, you should check back to note any feedback from classmates or instructor.

Due Dates: Your initial (first) post to all discussion topic threads is due no later than Thursday Noon Central Standard Time (CST). No follow-up posts are required in this unit’s discussion.

For all references, use an appropriate form of documentation (MLA, APA, or another standard academic style discussed in Easy Writer.)

Discussion Topic

For this discussion, post 2-3 paragraphs outlining what approach you plan to take to this unit’s revision project, and why. Identify at least 3 specific strategies from our textbook that you will use to inform your revision. Finally, ask any questions about the revision project in your post.

In order to ensure that you spend the appropriate amount of time and energy on this unit’s Peer Review and revision project, no follow-up discussion is required in this unit. However, make sure to check back to see your instructor’s feedback on your post and answers to your questions.

A few words about revision: As you’ve seen, revision means “seeing again,” almost as if it were the first time you’ve seen it. That’s why instructions for revision usually say it’s not just about adding a word here and there or maybe a paragraph. You want to step back and really look at your own work as if it belonged to someone else. I know that can be difficult, but give it your best shot. Above all, make sure that your thesis is a single statement and is arguable. Also, make sure it’s grammatical! I’ve seen a few thesis statements which were really not as clear as they must be. Take to heart what you read in your peer reviews. Nobody says you absolutely must do what your reviewers tell you to do. But at least give it some serious thought. Otherwise, I am here and ready to help at any time–so just ask!!


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