Unit 6 Lab Questions Dropbox Unit 6: Ancient Roman, Early Christian, and Medieval Art

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Unit 6 Lab Questions Dropbox Unit 6: Ancient Roman, Early Christian, and Medieval Art
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Lab Questions

At this point, you are asked to complete the web journey questions. Each link (the title of the lab) has a set of questions beneath it. Using the link, answer the questions that follow. Note that links open up a new browser window.

Please include the questions and answers when you submit your assignment in the dropbox. Use appropriate headings in your assignment. Submit the work as one file attachment. This means you complete all work in one word processing document (e.g., Microsoft Word) and attach the file using the dropbox tool. Submit your work in Unit 6: Lab Questions dropbox.

The answers to the lab questions are worth 10 points.

Unit 6 Lab Questions

The Lod Mosaic: The Discovery of an Ancient Roman Mosaic

  1. Describe this piece of artwork.
  2. How and where was it discovered?
  3. Where was the Lod Mosaic to be transported to? How long did it to take to transport it?

The Roman Mosaic from Lod, Israel

Learn more about the Lod Mosaic here:

  1. Why are there only animals and no human figures?
  2. What is the history of the area where the mosaic was found?
  3. How did scholars date the mosaic?
  4. Why is context important to understanding pieces like the Lod mosaic?
  5. What questions are unanswered about the Lod Mosaic?


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