Using both McCoy and Gaiman

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Using both McCoy and Gaiman
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Part 1: Using both McCoy and Gaiman, what does “twilight of the Gods” mean to you? As you formulate your answer, consider this: with the Gods gone, what does this say about our responsibility to ourselves? To each other? Does this mean, to you, that we are the “gods” of our own circumstances? Why or why not? Finally, speculate about how having the gods gone, us being fully responsible for ourselves and each other, changes the way we would act, consider virtue and ethics.

Part 2: McCoy explore the idea that Ragnarok may me cyclical. That time is a continual unfolding of beginnings and endings. What difference do you think it makes if time is cyclical rather than terminal? Explain how each perspective (cyclical and terminal) would change a person’s world view and their meaning of life.

Part 3: Use this discussion (your paper in parts 1 and 2) to explain how your world view is different or the same as these proto-Germans. What “stories” (biblical, scientific, psychological, sociological) do you use to shape these ideas?

In general, you want this paper to be 3-4 pages.

I will be looking for your practice in two skills:

    1. The ability to synthesize a primary (Gaiman) and a secondary (McCoy) text.
    2. The ability to directly engage mythical texts and arrive at a personal sense of meaning.


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