Visual Analysis , Analyze Film and television show, M.I.A video

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Visual Analysis , Analyze Film and television show, M.I.A video
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  • 1. Read the attachment , “How to Analyze Film and Television Shows.” Please fallow this during review of the video.
  • 2. Watch the M.I.A. video posted below . Watch the visual analysis video essay on the M.I.A. video also posted . WARNING: This song is a commentary on women not being allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia due to religious and political reasons (this summer, a law was passed permitting women to drive, but the song was released several years before the law changed).M.I.A. criticizes Islam for the treatment of women.
  • Using some of the elements of visual analysis explained in the reading in #1, analyze the video. Write down (informally–you can use bullet points) your analysis. This should be between 1-2 pages in length.

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