Visual communication in the media | Get Quick Solution

I need help with a Sociology question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

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Visual communication in the media | Get Quick Solution
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I have 14 more questions like these but I will attach them, same format same idea. I need the right answers as after completing the quiz I don’t get any feedback which are right and which are wrong

This advertisement by “Reporters without Borders” (a non-profit group that supports free media globally) refers to the manipulation of media by Vladimir Putin’s government. The message says, “Politicians without limits need reporters without borders.” Investigate the ad and determine the cognitive strategy used to best persuade viewers to support its cause?

Select the correct option.

Select one:

a. The duplicated images accentuate the positivity of the message.

b. It highlights the message with a mocking, repeating visual.

c. It uses lighting to indicate the seriousness of the message.

d. The dark colors suggest a grim situation that needs to change.


This advertisement promotes a nicotine patch that helps smokers quit the habit. The line says, ‘Smoking causes premature ageing.’ Which of the following best explains the cognitive response of the target audience?

Select the correct option.

Select one:

a. It uses realism to shock people into awareness.

b. It tries to create empathy for the target audience.

c. It is a deliberate attempt to mock habitual smokers.

d. It uses humor to gently suggest changes in habits.


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