Vulnerable Group Power Point Presentation | Browse Homework

Choose one vulnerable population to discuss ( Substance Abuse and Mental Illness Within the Homeless)
Roughly Slide 1-2: discuss the statistics surrounding the vulnerability/vulnerable population of choice ending with a strong thesis statement. APA format is expected on all citations in this section.
Roughly Slide 3-4: Considering the statistics, explain how individuals, groups
of individuals, and society as a whole may fall victim to the vulnerability of choice. Explain the process of decline. (Values Consciousness)
Roughly Slide 5-6: Consider the vulnerabilities discussed. An individual suffering through the vulnerabilities that you have chosen will be at risk for which additional vulnerabilities and SDOH and why? (Values Analysis)
Roughly Slide 7-8: Plan of action: Address how you, in your discipline, can create a realistic and specific plan of action to stop the cycle that you have described in the above paragraphs. Be specific about how you plan to implement. Include the steps. For example, if you plan to implement a more focused screening method for domestic violence, explain what types of questions you will ask compared to how they are being asked now? Will this require the development of a new tool? Who will do this? How will reliability be tested? Who will pay for it? (Values Application)
Roughly Slide 9: Conclusion: In reflection, answer the following questions: 1) Whose
problem is this? Is this as complicated as it seems? Can it be fixed? 2) What has surprised you? What now disturbs you? What will empower you? (Values and Social Responsibility)

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Vulnerable Group Power Point Presentation | Browse Homework
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