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chapter 8 The mysterious workings of the adolescent brain critical thinking

Advances in brain imaging has shown us that the brain continues to develop well into early adulthood, particularly in the prefrontal cortex and the limbic system. Might this help explain “typical” teenage behaviors, such as impulsivity, self-consciousness, and risk-taking behaviors? How might societal and cultural factors interfere with brain development to influence adolescent behavior?

. Be sure to address both questions fully and develop your answers for full credit.

Chapter 8 guilty or not guilty

Because of its frequent portrayal in the media, many people assume that the insanity defense is attempted in numerous cases in an attempt to avoid prosecution. In fact, less than 1% of all felonies attempt the use of such a defense; of these cases, less than .25% of these cases are successful. Over the decades, the laws have become more definitive and limited in its definition of insanity.

Your text discusses the case of Charles Whitman, who went on a shooting spree, killing many people before police killed him. He was later diagnosed as having a malignant brain tumor, which interfered with his ability to understand what he called “irrational thoughts”. What if he had not been killed by police? Would it have been fair to prosecute him for murder? If you were on the jury, would you have voted for conviction or innocence? Explain why you have the opinion that you hold.


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