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Behavior modification is using learning paradigms to change behavior via operant conditioning tools. Thus behavior that is rewarded will continue. Behavioral modofication plans are frequenlty used in therapy to help the individual increase behaviors that they want to engage in (i.e., stopping smoking, increase exercise, increase healthy eating, increase social engagements…).
I want you to pick 1 behavior that you want to increase over the next week (i.e., more time exercizing, drinking more water, spend more time on studying…) and:
create a weekly schedule of how you will implement this each day (remember to be reasonable- don’t start off BIG)
decide on a reward for doing this behavior according to yourdaily schedule (i.e., you put a sticker on your calendar, you give yourself 5 minutes alone outside in quiet nature, you get to use your favorite body spray/cologne…) and reward yourself each day when you meet your goal
write down thoughts/events that make you want to NOT engage in the desired behavior
write down things that challenge these negative thoughts and events (i.e., thought: I just didn’t want to do it and was too tired; challange: I want to be healthy and deserve to care for my body; event: I got into a fight with my girlfriend and was too angry; challenge: the anger is temporary and will pass, I need to take care of my body in order to reach my full potential. I am worth it…). This will help you see the things that prevent you from engaging in the desired behavior and will give you motivation to overcome them.
record each day how much of the activity you engaged in
You will do this for 1 week
Assignment: Type up a 1-page summary of this behavior. Be sure to include: 1) your behavior of choice; 2) your reward); a summary of if you were able to complete the desired behavior each day and if not, an explanation why; 3) were you able to reach your goal of engaging in this behavior every day? why or why not?; 4) what would you change about your behavior modification plan to make it more effective?

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week 11 ass | Browse Homework
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