Week 11 Assignment 1-Case Conceptualization and Treatment Plans when Working with Children and Adolescents

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Week 11 Assignment 1-Case Conceptualization and Treatment Plans when Working with Children and Adolescents
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In Weeks 4 and 5, you completed case conceptualization and treatment planning for an adult. Recall that the approaches and techniques you selected were chosen from those within the therapy approach that you selected to apply to the case

( REBT). To complete case conceptualization and treatment planning for children and adolescents (as well as adults with developmental disabilities), psychologists also must consider how to adapt standard CBT/REBT techniques so that they are developmentally appropriate for individual clients.

Clients in the pre-operational stage of cognitive development may not be able to understand logic or problem solving, but can engage in role play and use realia as symbols. Adolescents in the formal operational stage of cognitive development may be able to reason abstractly and test alternate viewpoints, but may display poor ability to identify emotions. They may also be hesitant to disclose information to adults (especially parents) or risk embarrassment. Adapting techniques for developmental level and specific disorders requires creativity and flexibility on the part of the psychologist. It is important to note that for some age groups and issues, there are empirically supported products available for purchase. A good example of this is Coping Cat, a CBT program for children with anxiety disorders.

For this Assignment, you complete a case conceptualization for an adolescent named Suzanne.

To prepare:

  • Review the case study of Suzanne in this week’s Learning Resources. Consider the irrational beliefs that she might have. Are there multicultural issues present? Would you assign homework? What is the best approach for communicating with Suzanne’s mom?
  • Choose either the REBT approach for working with this client. Download the appropriate case conceptualization document from the Learning Resources.
  • Complete the appropriate case conceptualization handout for Suzanne’s case. Consider how you might adapt techniques from your selected approach for inclusion in treatment planning for this client.

To complete this Assignment:

  • Complete either the CBT Case Conceptualization handout or the REBT Case Conceptualization handout for Suzanne’s case, based on the approach you selected.
  • Complete a treatment plan for this case study.


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