Week 11 Assignment 2–Final Paper—Self-Reflective Paper

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Week 11 Assignment 2–Final Paper—Self-Reflective Paper
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During this course, you have examined theory, process, and methods in the fields of consultation and supervision. You have ideally gained theoretical and empirical knowledge as well as relevant practical skills needed to function as consultants and supervisors.

For the Final Paper, you demonstrate your self-awareness and insight via a paper that synthesizes your reflections from both the in-residence and online components of this course.
In this paper, you should choose either supervision or consultation (clearly identifying which area) and include the following:

  • Your follow-up thoughts and reflections based on feedback you received and experiences you had in-residence
  • A discussion of your strengths and skills that require further development
  • Specific plans for professional growth related to your skills that require further development, including an honest evaluation of your ability to provide culturally competent supervision or consultation
  • A description of your current theoretical orientation to supervision or consultation, how you arrived at this decision, and the key factors that have influenced you

The paper should be 10 pages, in correct APA format (1 inch margins, 12 point font), and should include relevant citations and references that are listed in hanging, indented format.


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