Week 2 Assignments | Get Quick Solution

I’m working on a Philosophy exercise and need support.

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Week 2 Assignments | Get Quick Solution
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Assignment 1: – Think Piece #2

Read the following question. Ponder the question for a while. Do not talk to anyone else or read anything about this question

This is the question for your reflection:

Since you are enrolled in an online class, you receive a letter from Valley College. In the letter, you find out that the college has just received permission from the state to institute a “technology fee” of $100 to be added to the tuition that you pay for the class. So you would be paying $72 for the tuition and $100 for the technology fee for a total of $172 for an online class. Before instituting the fee, however, the administration wants to get feedback from online students. You are to write a letter to the vice president of instruction, Dr. Linda Stevens, telling her what you think about this new fee.

Remember, this is a critical thinking class. . And remember….this is a fantasy for this assignment. Do not send her a real letter.

Good luck. Drop me an e-mail if you have any questions about this.


Assignment 2: – Unit 2 Discussion

https://jpst.it/1Jkol – Professor’s Week 2 Reading.

Discuss your thoughts on this week’s reading, assignment and anything you want to talk about.


End of Assignments – Thank You


Book for the class: Moore, Brooke Noel and Parker, Richard. Critical Thinking. 11th Edition. McGraw Hill, 2015.

https://www.docdroid.net/kg0rkZJ/critical-thinking-12th-edition-by-moore.pdf– This is the book for this class by the way.


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