Week 5 Project

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Week 5 Project
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Develop a plan for a qualitative analysis, addressing the quantitative study of the fear of crime. Use the results of the survey conducted in the Week 3 Project to develop a qualitative exploration of the topic.

Be sure that your qualitative planning analysis includes answers to the following questions:

  • Review the findings from the quantitative portion of the study, in the Week 3 Project.
  • Identify areas worthy of further study, based on the quantitative portion. Your qualitative plan should endeavor to further examine those areas.
  • Present your research questions for the qualitative analysis and describe how you will organize them.
  • Explain where and how you will gather your data from the qualitative study for your qualitative analysis.
  • Describe the resources you would need to do the research on your chosen research topic.
  • Analyze whether you would need approval from an IRB before conducting your study.
  • Discuss the potential problems or obstacles you are likely to face when you carry out the research.


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