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Week 8 discussion | Get Quick Solution
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75-150 Words

Each week, you will be asked to respond to the prompt or prompts in the discussion forum. Your initial post should be 75-150 words in length, and is due on Sunday. By Tuesday, you should respond to two additional posts from your peers.


For our final week, please go back and look at the objectives for this course as outlined in the syllabus. Now, discuss your efforts and progress in meeting these objectives. Answer the following questions:

  • What assignments, lectures, or discussions have been most meaningful to you in understanding the definitions and purposes of rhetoric?
  • What assignments have helped you the most in finding and using sources?
  • What assignments have been the most challenging?
  • What does it mean to “be rhetorical”? Review the definition you wrote initially in the W1 discussion.
  • Has your understanding of rhetoric changed during the last eight weeks? If so, how?

Understand that mastering writing is an ongoing process and is something every writer works on for the rest of his or her life. You don’t have to feel you’ve mastered it all now or even made tremendous strides (though it’s great if you have). However, an honest self-appraisal can show how far you’ve come and what areas to focus on, going forward.

Respond to two other posts from your classmates and/or instructor.

View your discussion rubric.


Christy Tombleson



Throughout this course I have learned about rhetoric; what it means, why it’s used and how to use it. When composing and writing a rhetorical article, the main things you need is a thesis statement, and a variety of information on the subject; different points of view.

The assignments that meant the most to me were in week 5 when collecting sources and the information in an organized grid, and in week 6 when writing the rough draft for my essay.

The most challenging assignment was also the one in week 6. This was simple once I got going, because you already have all the information to write about, and you are citing the sources. It was a little over-whelming in the beginning because I had never wrote a rhetorical essay before.

To talk about something is to become rhetorical, whether it be written or spoken; it is a means to communicate.

My understanding or rhetorical did not change. The definition says it all


Keyara Hamilton



Hello class,

I think that the most informative assignment was learning how to write an argumentative essay. I have always had trouble with doing that because I get so stuck and focused on my argument that I don’t even think about the counterargument. I believe that the most helpful Sources were my sources and the sources that are put there to show me how to cite a source in APA style. I think that the most challenging assignment is the final exam because I still have trouble choosing one side. To be rhetorical means to ask a question that you already know the answer to and is not meant to be answered. For example, If someone was to say, “Is bacon from a pig?”. I think that my understanding of being rhetoric has not changed at all.



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