Week Three Art Assignment | Get Quick Solution

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Week Three Art Assignment | Get Quick Solution
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Please write a short essay/critique about the attached picture, answering questions below. Answers must be in complete sentences and in essay/paragraph format. Please do not number your responses or include questions. Your goal is to submit a full page of writing while utilizing at least 10 or more terms from the textbook. (Some terms listed below).

1. Describe: What do you see? Make sure to include the credit line to start!

  • What media have been used to create this work of art?
  • List everything you see in this work. To organize your thoughts, start with the objects that are closest to you and gradually work your way to the background.

2. Analyze: How is this work organized? This step deals with the composition or formal qualities of the work. This is a clue-collecting step about the elements of art.

  • Compare and contrast the different kinds of lines (vertical, horizontal, diagonal, curved, and zigzag) in this work. List at least one location for each line type you identify.
  • Do you see any line variations – such as length, width, and texture – in this work? List at least one location for each variation you identify.
  • Form a conclusion about which type of line dominates.

3. Interpret: What message does this artwork communicate to you? Now, you will combine the clues you have collected and your personal ideas to form a creative interpretation of the work.

  • Why are the people so small? Why do you think they are separated from the trees by a fence?
  • Analyze the meaning of this work. What does this work say about the relationship between people and nature?

4. Judge: What do you think of the work? Now, it is time to decide whether this is a successful work of art.

  • What is your reaction to this work? Did it make you think?
  • Do you think it is successful? Why or why not? Use one or more of the critical theories of art to defend your judgment.’

Some of the vocabulary words from the text

    • Pastels: sticks of powderless pigment held together with a gum binding agent
    • Wash: a thin layer of paint
    • Charcoal: a dry drawing medium made from charcoal twigs
    • Design: the process of organizing visual elements and the product of that process
    • Format: the shape or proportions of a picture plane.
    • Pattern: all over design created by the repetitive ordering of design elements
    • Scale: the size relation of one thing to another
    • Variety: the opposite of unity; diverse elements in composition of a work of art.
    • Focal Point: the principal area of emphasis in a work of art
    • Composition: the organization of visual elements in an artwork.
    • Kinetic art: art that incorporates actual movement as part of the design.
    • Mass: the physical bulk of a solid body of materials.
    • Volume: the space enclosed or filled by a three-dimensional object.
    • Cool colors: colors whose relative visual temperatures make them seem cool.
    • Shade: a hue with black added.
    • Shape: a two- dimensional or implied two-dimensional area defined in line by changes in color.
    • Texture: the tactile qualities of surfaces, or the visual representation of those qualities.
    • Warm Colors: colors whose relative visual temperature makes them seem warm.
    • Line: a long narrow mark, usually made by drawing with a tool or a brush.
    • Neutrals: not associated with any single hue; can be made by mixing complementary hues.

Note: For the Journal 3 submission, your goal is to submit a full page of writing while utilizing at least 10 or more terms from the textbook. 10 terms (used correctly) = 10pts. Please review the rubric for this assignment before you begin working.


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