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What is Cyberpsychology? | Get Quick Solution
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What is Cyberpsychology?

(Please do not use the definition give from the notes or the web. This question asks you to define Cyberpsychology by doing the following:

Discuss and address the articles, issues, notes, videos and/or events that i will provide. For each of the articles/topics/issues you address, I would like you to examine, analyze, and evaluate the issues presented and demonstrates how it defines/supports your definition of Cyberpsychology.

Overall, the articles/topics/issues you use should connect to each other, show an apparent theme and connection, and have a relationship with each another. In the end, you are coming up with your own definition of Cyberpsychology, based on the content we covered this semester, and that uses the references from the class that support what your definition of Cyberpsychology is.

Please be sure that you have a separate paragraph for each article/topic/issue addressed AND you put the main topic sentence for each article/issue in bold. Be sure to put the article title and/or author in bold.In addition, for every article/reference you use, please include a Works Cited list at the end of the essay.

The assignment provides a minimum of five examples, provides thoughtful and detailed analysis. The paper ties in both the student’s views and supports those views the sources and data from the course content. The assignment is structured and organized well, there is a strong fluid writing style, and there is an originality in style and presentation. There is a clear connection and relationship among the examples.

Articles to use










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