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What is Philosophy? | Get Quick Solution
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This is a writing assignment in which you respond to the following questions in a double spaced paper. The paper should be 900-1000 words in length. The paper should use 12 pt fonts and 1 inch margins. If you utilize the ideas or words from a source, make sure you site that source correctly.
The intent of this writing exercise is for you to address the following questions from your own perspective without relying too much on outside help. Your responses should be informed by the essays by Russell and Critchley, and by our class discussions, but I am looking for your thoughts and impressions about philosophy as you begin your journey into philosophical thinking.
Make sure that you write the paper as a cohesive and coherent essay, using correct grammar. This is an essay, so do not simply answer the questions one-by-one. I am looking for a well written essay. If you utilize information from the book or the essays, you should give proper citation.

All instructions are listed in the document below.


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