What is survivors Guide to prison?

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What is survivors Guide to prison?
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You are required to watch the documentary “survivors Guide to Prison” which can be found on YouTube, Netflix, or amazon prime video. Your response paper should be no more than two pages, doubled space.

The following must be included in the paper:

  • A paragraph summarizing the documentary
  • Your perspective on the case (make sure to be critical)
  • Explain the nature of the documentary from either a structural-functionalist, conflict theorist, or symbolic interactionist perspective (only pick One).

For the last point, identify which perspective/theory you are using, include a sentence on what it is, and explain how they view the situation being presented in the film.

If you decide to cite an outside source such as a textbook in your paper, make sure to cite in ASA (American sociologist Association) format.You can find instructions on the Purdue University reference page formatting page.


The documentary “Survivors Guide to Prison” follows the experiences of individuals who have been wrongfully convicted and imprisoned, as well as those who have been directly impacted by the prison industrial complex. It highlights the corruption, injustice, and systemic issues within the criminal justice system, particularly in regards to race and class.

From my perspective, the cases featured in the documentary were disturbing and shocking, highlighting the gross failure of the justice system to ensure fairness and protect the innocent. The film also shed light on the devastating effects of mass incarceration on individuals, families, and communities.

From a conflict theorist perspective, the documentary highlights the power dynamics and inequalities present within the criminal justice system……


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