what video answer following questions | Get Quick Solution

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what video answer following questions | Get Quick Solution
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Open (you may need to tap the Play button to begin) and watch the video Cuba without Fidel Castro

then answer the following questions to the best of your abilities based on the video :

  1. Describe examples of Cuban entrepreneurs who are legally working in the private sector after the government allowed it.
  2. Explain the difference between the Pesos and the CUCs and where you can use them.
  3. Explain the current relationship between the church and the state.
  4. Why is the old man interviewed in la Sierra Madre considered a hero. Why does the police keep checking the papers of the people filming the video. What are they afraid of?
  5. All Cubans get free health services. What did the video producer found out about situation of hospitals in Cuba thru his own experience? What are the two health care systems?
  6. Why did the four guys who were asked if they were going to vote in the next election laughed at the question?
  7. How is the housing situation in Havana.
  8. What are CDR chapters? What are the roles of the CDR representatives in neighborhoods?
  9. What is your perception of the Cuban people. (attitude, disposition, wants/desire, etc.)
  10. How are employees entertained inside state owned tobacco plants?
  11. Find out what is the difference between an authoritarian government and a totalitarian one. Which type of government do you think Cuba has and why.

Part Two

1. On an internet browser type the word “Andorra wikipedia” and pick the first link. On the right hand side you will see the Andorran flag, and other information like the capital, official language, etc. Read the section on government (including the links), and in your own words rephrase the information read and write three/four sentences to explain why Andorra’s government is defined as “Unitary parliamentary, semi elective diarchy”

2. Do the same as above for the country of Canada and explain why it has a federal parliamentary, constitutional monarchy.


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