when page response about an article

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when page response about an article
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We will explore two editorials from The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. This exercise will cause us to look at how we interpret information when pathos is involved. How do we assimilate information when we need to look for the logos and ethos as well?

The first editorial was written by Daniel Kovalik about Margaret Mary, a woman who had contacted him regarding her belief of unfair labor practices by Duquesne University. He is the union representative for the adjunct teachers at Duquesne University. He wrote about what Margaret Mary had relayed to him before she passed away.

Read this link first:


Respond to this with examples of the logos and pathos that you found in this article. Do you feel that Kovalik has the proper ethos as the author of this piece? How did this article make you feel? How do your emotions affect the way that you view the article?

NEVER FORGET – THERE ARE ALWAYS TWO SIDES TO A STORY!!!! This also applies to research that you find.

The rebuttal to this editorial was posted a week later by Ken Gorman, a member of the full-time faculty at Duquesne University. A side note: Ken Gorman is now the president at Duquesne.


Now write how the rebuttal may have affected your original stance. Again, locate examples of logos and pathos. Do you feel that Gorman is an ethical (ethos) voice on this matter?

Your entire response should be at least one full page.

(And please make sure to use simple English)


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