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“Whistle Pig” by Jodi Angel | Get Quick Solution
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Please read and use the story, “Whistle Pig” by Jodi Angel (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. to construct a one full page, single-spaced, thesis statement driven analytical argumentation in third person voice that answers the prompt: To Lacan, who an individual sees in the mirror is an external effect; merely an assumption of who the individual really is. Within “Whistle Pig,” Josh’s character sketch was neatly depicted on the surface, but who was Josh, as a person, really?

GUIDELINES – These One-Pagers MUST (let’s not lose unnecessary points; please reference these guidelines to ensure you’ve met the requirements BEFORE submitting):

  • be single-spaced
  • be written in 12pt., Times New Roman font
  • be only ONE page in length of actual analytical argumentation; the work citation of the “Whistle Pig” PDF is the ONLY thing that goes on the second page
  • be written in third person voice (no “I,” “me,” “my,” “us,” “you,” “we,” “our,” etc. use)
  • follow proper paragraph form (indent each new paragraph)
  • have a clear thesis statement at the end of the introduction paragraph
  • have an MLA 8 header
  • have a single-spaced MLA 8 heading
  • have a proper MLA 8 work cited page – *remember, you’re only citing from the PDF short story of “Whistle Pig” provided. Without a work cited page, or a correct work citation, 10 points will be automatically deducted (please use the Step by Step Citation GuideLinks to an external site. in order to help you create your work citation for the three (3) short stories)
  • include textual evidence (quotes WITH corresponding page numbers from “Whistle Pig”) that support your argument
  • ONLY have textual evidence (quotes WITH corresponding page numbers) from “Whistle Pig” – NO outside sources are to be used, so please only quote from the short story PDF link provided
  • have a creative, centered title
  • be creative in general – try to have fun with these assignments; your responses to the prompt are of YOUR own great critical thinking skills, so really dig deeply and showcase a clever analytical argumentation!


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