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Who are you? | Get Quick Solution
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For your 7th essay, you must answer the following question: Who are you?

This question is not meant to trick you, and it most certainly is not meant to be a joke. So, who are you?

Your answer must be between 600-1000 words, and must add word account and works cited page.

Your essay must demonstrate evidence of sociological thinking about your identity, you can use either recommended readings or other second sources.

Submit your essays to Canvas before 9am, June 7th.

Please write the essay around these following topics: sociological lens, social norms, social class, race and racism, gender differences.

Hi there! Just some common information about me: I am an Asian girl, born and live in China. My family is a middle class family, and the city I live in is a provincial capital buy is not a big city (you can consider it as Columbus of Ohio). Hope you can pretend as an Asian international student lol!


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