WK7 VoiceThread – Theories Reflection – Instructions | Get Quick Solution

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WK7 VoiceThread – Theories Reflection – Instructions | Get Quick Solution
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Good social work practice builds off of a sound theoretical base. Social work pulls from social work theories but also theories from psychology and other fields. A good way to begin solidifying how you will approach clients is to pick a theory and learn it well. You may then add other theories to your repertoire as you continue to learn and grow.

  • Identify one theory from this class which resonates with you as a person (or has made a significant impact on the way you think) and which you believe will fit with your future practice.
  • Share why this theory is a fit for both you and potential clients as well as how you might use it in the future.

In your response to your peers, chose one peer who chose a different theory than you and one peer who chose the same theory. For each, identify a population where this theory might not be effective.


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