World War 1,The Jazz Age

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World War 1,The Jazz Age
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Read chapters 23, 24, 25 of the textbook.

Each answer should be half a page for maximum points. Each answer should also contain information with citations from the textbook. References/citations from the textbook need to be in bold.

1) World War 1 changed the world, and ultimately led to World War II. In this section, I’d like you to write about why at first America did not want to join this war, and why they did join afterwards. Part 2 of this question is how did WW1 change America at home? Give some examples of what the country experienced with the war effort.

2) The Jazz Age was a vibrant brilliant era in American History. It brought youth culture to the forefront and exposed new forms of music, dance, fashion, inventions and overall different perspectives as compared to the late 1800’s. Choose 2 topics you’d like to cover about this period and provide some examples.

3) This next section talks about the domino of the Stock Market crash, global economics, and how this led to an overall depression. The presidents during this time dealt with all of these national issues quite differently. Discuss the differences between how President Hoover led the country, and what differences President Roosevelt instituted.

4) In section 25.3 – The Depths of the Great Depression, the case of the Scottsboro Boys is unraveled. There is a “click and explore” link that takes you to another page with several articles. Pick one to write about and discuss your thoughts about the case.

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