write 2 pages about this activity and following question

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write 2 pages about this activity and following question
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Write a response of length two full pages (12 point font, double spaced, “normal” font) about one of these activities. In that response include the following:

1. – What was the activity all about? What were the rules? the activity was about Trust or betray , The Rules were two groups 5 each one group went out side the class and the other group was in the class. we had to decide whether we trust the or betray them foe the first time we trusted them and they betray us so we received 10 points. the next few rounds both group were betraying. the last round one student from our group and a student from the other group went outside and talked wheather they want trust us or no but they didn’t want to trust us.

2. – Describe what you, personally, did in the activity. Did you “win”? Did you get killed? What was the outcome? yes I won I was deciding with my group weather I trust that group or no

3. – How did the activity relate to the material we studied in class? Why do you think I assigned the class to do it?

4. – What did you learn personally from the activity?



The class was about :


formal and informal



The activity of Trust or Betray was all about making strategic decisions based on trust and cooperation. The rules were simple: two groups of five students were formed, and one group went outside the classroom while the other group stayed inside. The group inside had to decide whether to trust the group outside or betray them by pressing a button on a device. If the group inside trusted the group outside, and the group outside betrayed them, the group inside would receive 10 points. If both groups betrayed each other, no points were awarded. If the group inside trusted the group outside and the group outside trusted them back, both groups would receive 20 points.

In the first round, my group decided to trust the other group, but they betrayed us and we received 10 points. In the next few rounds, both groups began to betray each other, as we were trying to outmaneuver each other and maximize our points. In the final round, one student from my group and one student from the other group went outside and had a conversation to see if they could trust each other. However, they ultimately decided not to trust each other and no points were awarded……..


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