write a final draft on the use of marijuana

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write a final draft on the use of marijuana
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    This week, you will submit the final draft of your informative paper.This 4- to 5-paragraph paper explores a controversial topic in an informative style. This means that the writer must present an equal amount of information for both points of view related to the topic without providing personal thought or opinion. Provide factual information from credible sources to highlight each side. Your paper must include:

    • Introduction (1 paragraph)
    • Body (2–3 paragraphs) Remember to use APA-style formatted in-text citations throughout your paper.
    • Conclusion (1 paragraph)
    • Reference list written in APA style format, in which you list a minimum of 4 total resources

    Informative Paper full instructions Click for more optionsSee the rubric for specific grading criteria.Points: 75
    Due Sunday, 11:59 p.m. (Pacific time)

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