write a paragraph for each question

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write a paragraph for each question
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1.Review the handouts on Purpose and Audience (in Course Documents) and the two handouts on Narrative Writing. In one paragraph, explain why it is important to have a clear understanding of the audience for any written text. Why might it be especially important for you, the writer, to have a clear sense of your audience as you write your personal narrative? What questions are raised in the Narrative Writing handouts that suggest the importance of keeping your audience in mind? What concerns do you have about your audience reading your personal narrative?

2. Pick an experience you recently had with one or more friends. It can be anything–a trip to Disneyland, a night out on the town, a hike, a road trip, an argument. Write one paragraph in which you describe the experience to another friend (who wasn’t involved in the experience). Remember, you are writing to a friend, one of your peers, so use appropriate language and descriptive strategies for that rhetorical situation. Aim for at least four substantial sentences.

3. In a separate paragraph, write about the same experience, but this time your audience is a parent, grandparent, or any much older relative. Be sure to use appropriate language and descriptive strategies for this different rhetorical situation.

4. Briefly describe how your rhetorical choices changed when your audience changed from a peer to an older relative.

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