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Write a paragraph | Get Quick Solution
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Write a paragraph about what you learned about Rachel as well as what you learned about the process of virtually meeting with her. Any challenges or struggles in meeting?

this is my meeting.

What is your major and why did you choose it?
*** I am a graduate student, and I am studying English. I hope to be an English professor in the future, so I am in the

graduate program in order to fufil the requirments of being hired. However, I am very passionate about both composition and literature studies, and I enjoy them both so much!! I hope to be able to teach both writing the literature classes in the future, but I want to work at a community college, so I will probably work more with first-year writing students like yourself. That is why I am so glad to have this job! I am gaining so much experience already!

-What do you like about being a CEC?
*** I really enjoy working with students and professors. I am in an enviroment that resembles what I will do in my own career

in the future, and I am confident I will enjoy my future career because I enjoy working at the Noel Studio so much. I like that I work with different professors every semester, so I get to see so many different teaching strategies and how they are applied to the same class.

-What is the best reading strategy you have developed as a college student?
*** The best strategy I have learned is reading with purpose! I have to get my mind ready before reading, so I skim over the

article and look at the headings so I know what it will be about. Then I think about what the author hopes I understand by the end. This helps me make reading a goal-oriented task. I also really value annotation, as it helps me interact with the text while I am reading!


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