Write about the knowledge regarding African American history. | Get Quick Solution

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Write about the knowledge regarding African American history. | Get Quick Solution
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At the end of the semester, students will revisit key themes found throughout the semester and clarify how their ideas about the African Diaspora and the African American Experience have changed. Students will develop your ideas with the benefit of hindsight, meaning that you will thoughtfully consider the ways in which your educational journey through African American Studies has broadened your understanding of American History. Your reflective final essay should go beyond surface-level issues (African Americans were once enslaved and now they are not), and instead focus on the trajectory of your ideas over the course of the semester. Select some theme that is related to African American culture. In the reflective essay you could address the nuances of the theme in the second half of the twentieth century, the impact the theme has on the everyday experiences of Americans, include at least ONE example from the Text(s) that representing a new/unique perspective about African American History, or introduce another source that has added a new angle for you to consider.

After reflecting on your intellectual journey through the African American Experience, meditate on the experience of reading and writing over the course of the semester and discuss the ways in which your understanding of subjects or readings have matured over time. Your essay should be no more than 3 pages double spaced, 1 inch margins with 12 point font.


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