write an all-hazards Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) for the fictional location of Bobsville. | Get Quick Solution

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write an all-hazards Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) for the fictional location of Bobsville. | Get Quick Solution
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You are to write an all-hazards Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) for the fictional location of Bobsville. For this assignment, you will only be creating the “Basic Plan” section of the EOP. The “Required Sections” below have been slightly altered to fit the Town of Bobsville. As you have learned, EOP’s can be altered to fit the needs of the community.

As the basis for your basic all-hazards EOP, use the description of the town, and the Hazard Vulnerability Assessment (HVA) , use the sample provided here.


Please see CPG101 v2 beginning on page 3-12 and Appendix C beginning on page C-5 for a detailed explanation of the sections found below.

Additional information can be found by clicking here for a Basic Plan Example. The example provides you with additional information on the Basic Plan and shows what an EOP looks like.

Note: The Basic Plan Example document I have provided is a state level EOP. It is just an example but can be easily used to help you with your local level EOP.

You are also allowed to consult other sample EOPs as a reference but you should alter the details to fit the Bobsville location.

Also, EOPs are written for the federal, state, and local level. The EOP you are writing is a local level EOP for Bobsville.

Citing and Referencing:

It is common practice in the Emergency Management field to share and adopt proven documents and templates which are then tailored to account for local hazards and resources available. Because of that, you do not need to cite or reference any sources you use to help in the development of your EOP.

Required Sections: The required sections I want in your Basic Plan EOP are found below. Do not provide any more information than what is provided below. I also want everything neat and organized in your EOP.

You will notice that I provided page numbers for each section below where additional information can be found. I do that for this assignment only. I also provide a template that you can use to help you with the assignment.

Click here for the Basic Plan Template

Page 1 – Cover Page (Be Creative)

See Page 3-12 of the Comprehensive Preparedness Guide

Page 2 – Approval and Implementation Plan

See Page 3-12 and C-5 of the Comprehensive Preparedness Guide and Page V of the Basic Plan Example

Page 3 – Table of Contents (Page C-5) 3-13

See Page 3-13 and C-5 of the Comprehensive Preparedness Guide

Page 4 to the end of the paper as follows:

Be sure to number everything exactly as I have shown below.

Note: I have provided additional guidance on many of the sections below.

1.0 Introduction

The Purpose, Scope, Situation Overview, and Planning Assumptions can be found on Pages 1 – 10 of the Basic Plan Example

1.1 Purpose (CPG Pages 3-13 and C-5)

1.2 Scope (CPG Pages 3-13 and C-6)

1.3 Situation Overview (CPG Pages 3-13 and C-6 to C-7)

1.3.1 Town Characteristics – Location – Geographic Boundaries – Demographics – Designated Areas of Interest – Special Events – Economic Base and Infrastructure

1.3.2 Hazard Analysis Summary – Based on the Hazard Vulnerability Analysis (HVA) you created in EDMG101 or the HVA provided in the instructions. (CPG Pages C-6 to C-7)

1.3.3 Capability Assessment – (CPG Page C-7)

1.4 Planning Assumptions (CPG Pages 3-13 and C-7)

2.0 Concept of Operations

(CPG Pages 3-13 and C-7) (Basic Plan Example Pages 10 – 14)

2.1 General – This general section should contain information about the tasks that need to be completed to ensure an effective response. This section can also serve as an introduction to the response tasks outlined below. The tasks below represent a logical flow of response from the time an impending or actual emergency or disaster situation is perceived through recovery.

2.2 Goals and Objectives

2.2.1 Goals

2.2.2 Objectives

2.3 Emergency Operation Plan (EOP) and Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Activation

2.3.1 Activation of the EOP – (Who has the authority to activate the EOP?)

2.3.2 Activation of the EOC – General – This general section should discuss who has the authority to activate the EOC and the conditions for warranting the activation. – Location – One is not listed in the Bobsville summary. Provide a location you think is best.

3.0 Organization and Assignment of Responsibilities

(CPG Pages3-13 andC-7 to C-8) (Basic Plan Example Pages 21 – 30)

The organization and assignment of responsibilities sections establish the organizations and agencies that will be relied upon to respond to a disaster or emergency situation. The section also includes tasks that these organizations and agencies are expected to perform.

3.1 Organization – Keep it brief here. I am just looking for Bobsville agencies and some county, state, and/or federal agencies. Feel free to list whatever county, state, or federal agencies that come to mind.

3.2 Assignment of Responsibilities – List the responsibilities of each agency you mentioned in section 3.1.

4.0 Direction, Control, and Coordination

(CPG Pages 3-14 and C-9) (Basic Plan Example Pages 38 – 39)

5.0 Information Collection, Analysis, and Dissemination

(CPG Pages 3-14 and C-9) (Basic Plan Example Page 39)

6.0 Communication

(CPG Pages 3-14 and C-9) (Basic Plan Example Page 39)

7.0 Administration, Finance, and Logistics

(CPG Pages 3-14 to 3-15 and C-10 to C11) (Basic Plan Example Page 39 – 41)

7.1 Appointment of Officials

7.2 Administration

7.3 Finance

7.4 Logistics

7.5 Local Agreements and Understandings

8.0 Plan Development and Maintenance

(CPG Pages 3-15 and C-11 to C12) (Basic Plan Example Page 41 – 43)

8.1 Development

8.2 Maintenance

Additional Instructions:

You can either single space or double space your EOP, it is up to you, but you must utilize the Verdana 12 point black font along with 1-inch margins on the top, bottom, and sides of each page.

CPG101 v2 https://www.fema.gov/media-library-data/1573581112…

Basic Plan Example. https://myclassroom.apus.edu/d2l/common/dialogs/qu…


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