Write an art history essay

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Write an art history essay
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Select an artist that we have studied during the period of their career (1945-1975), and discuss how they challenged modernist notions of art through:

1. Ideas of authorship;

2. Use of materials;

3. Ideas of systems and process;

4. Critique of the art market, gallery system and of art itself.

You will conclude by assessing how the (artist) expanded the field of the artistic practice and questioned the significance of art in this time period?

Your paper should be a minimum of 12 pages, of double-spaced, times new roman or Arial, size 12 fonts. This length is excluding illustrations and a bibliography.
You can use MLA or the Chicago/Turabian style of referencing.

Reference at least 8 scholarly texts in your bibliography (excluding images)

There is the requirements in details please read carefully!


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