Write an essay 4-5 page essay about the TED Talk about workplace stress. | Get Quick Solution

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Write an essay 4-5 page essay about the TED Talk about workplace stress. | Get Quick Solution
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Type this three-four page essay, and use MLA format, 12 point font, Times New Roman font style, double-spacing, and one inch margins. https://www.ted.com/talks/rob_cooke_the_cost_of_wo…

  • Incorporate examples and quotations from the Ted Talk into your essay, and document any quoted or summarized material from the Ted Talk with an in-text citation (speaker’s last name and time). Example of an in-text citation: (Finley 04:28).
  • Use an organizational pattern to structure your essay.
  • Use transitions to help the reader follow your ideas.
  • MUST BE LENGTH: 1,200-1,400 words (3-4 full pages, not including Works Cited)



Introduction (1 paragraph)

  1. Get the reader’s attention.
  2. Identify the speaker and title of the Ted Talk you are analyzing,
  3. Identify the speaker’s probable audience.
  4. Summarize the speaker’s argument (thesis).
  5. In your thesis statement, identify (1) the rhetorical strategies you think the speaker uses to try and convince the audience and (2) your opinion about how effective these strategies are.

Body (3-4 body paragraphs)

Include the following in each body paragraph:

  1. Topic Sentence: State a topic sentence in each body paragraph and identify a rhetorical strategy (persuasive technique) that you think the speaker uses to try and convince the audience.
  2. Examples: Draw examples from the Ted Talk that illustrate the rhetorical strategy (persuasive technique) you stated in your topic sentence. Refer to the transcript.
  3. Analysis: Explain the intended effect of the rhetorical strategy. To help you develop the analysis, refer to the examples in our practice analysis of “A Guerrilla Gardner in South Central LA,” and use these questions:
      • Do you think the speaker intended for the rhetorical strategy to appeal to the audience’s interests, senses, emotions, values or logic?
      • How might the rhetorical strategy affect the audience’s interest level, senses, emotions, values or logic? And why might the strategy make the audience react this way?
      • How might the rhetorical strategy get the audience to agree with the speaker’s thesis?
      • How might the audience’s opinions or behavior change as a result of this rhetorical strategy?
  1. Evaluation (optional): You may also add evaluation to your body paragraphs and explain weaknesses with the rhetorical strategy.

Conclusion (1 paragraph)

  1. Summarize your position.
  2. Also, you could offer recommendations for alternative ways the speaker could have developed the argument in order to convince the audience more.

Works Cited

  • On a separate sheet of paper include a works cited page at the end of your essay that lists the Ted Talk you cited.


-1) The essay is controlled by a thesis that responds to the assignment. 2) Each body paragraph is controlled by a topic sentence. 3) A logical organization and transitions are used. 4) The quotations are smoothly incorporated with signal phrases.

-1) The essay demonstrates a solid understanding of the rhetorical strategies. 2) Enough examples from the TED Talk are used in each body paragraph. 3) The examples are specific and clearly illustrate the rhetorical strategy. 4) The analysis is clear and logical and explains in detail the intended effect of the rhetorical strategies on the audience. 5) The introduction and conclusion are well developed.

-1) In-text citations are used to cite all summarized information and any borrowed words from the TED Talk. 2) The Works Cited is accurately formatted and lists the TED Talk you analyzed. 3) The essay is formatted in MLA style.

-1) Grammar and punctuation errors are few and rarely interfere with the clarity of your ideas.


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