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Write an Outline Essay about | Get Quick Solution
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  1. Introduction: in 1 or more sentences complete the following

Thesis: Write a full sentence including the following information:


-Your position on the topic, this should be what argument you want to make you created after learning about the topic from reading the chapter you selected from the prompt list.

-List of your criteria categories you will use to evaluate your topic.

  1. Body Paragraph 1: Background on your topic: Right after your introduction provide any background context on the topic drawn from the chapter articles you read, or other sources, to help your argument be more accessible. Cite any quotes you use.
  1. Body Paragraph format: State your topic for paragraph 1 in a phrase (3 or more words).

-Using phrases state briefly what you will cover in this paragraph.

-Any quotes you want to use here or in following sections of your outlines, follow this format:

A.Set Up Quote (Why is the source reliable?)

B.Quote or Paraphrase. Use MLA Citation Rules. (Author Last Name, Pg #) OR (Webaddress) if electronic source.

C. 2 to 3 phrases on how and why the quote or paraphrase supports your thesis.

For your body paragraphs describe the criteria individually, and after ever criteria description, then discuss an example from your topic to explain how and why the topic scored the way it dd. Think about how your supporting points will help you solve the larger assignments.

  1. Follow the same pattern in step 2 for each of your body paragraphs for your essay. You don’t have to have a quote in every paragraph only where you think it will best fit in your essay.

4. Conclusion: State why agreeing with your topic is important to the audience.


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