Write small responses for the following discussions | Get Quick Solution

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Write small responses for the following discussions | Get Quick Solution
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write two replies for each discussion:

1- When a democracy tries to be an imperial power, many issues may arise. Democracy is when people have power– usually they elect representatives to make decisions, or in some way, the people have a say. However, when a democracy tries to become an imperial power, using military force and trying assert power, conflicts often arise. Like, talked about throughout the readings, Athens did this, and if easy power was what they sought– they failed. The consequence was war, Sparta fought back and Athens lost its power and edge.

In a democracy, it is important to not seek all of the power, rather having both parties compromise for what is best for the nation– or rather emerging nation. Instead of focusing on “conquering” another area, it is important for the one with the most power to focus on how to better transition– not just force the other into complying.


2- When a democracy tries to be an imperial power, there are various compromises to be made on how a democracy treats others. In this context, compromises are deals or agreements between two parties in which each party gives up part of their demands. For instance, in the Mitylenian Debate, the Athenian citizens voted in favor of Diodutus because it was Cleon tactfully flawed move questioning the decision-making ability of the council. One of the compromises that will be made is that the council or the leadership will have to acknowledge their partial incompetence, which is part of Cleon’s argument. Essentially, Athens’s leadership over others only worked not because of the other’s goodwill but because of Athens’ superior strength. As a result, since Mytilenians were always secretly plotting against Athens to find ways of freeing themselves from Athens, it shows how democracy is ill-suited to manage these complex external relationships. Even though conspiracy and fear play no part in daily relations among democratic citizens, they remain the most prominent features that govern how democracy treats others.


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