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Please submit an annotated bibliography. This annotated bibliography should include the following and use MLA format (It will have 5 paragraphs total):
1. Title the page “Annotated Bibliography” in 12 pt Times New Roman Font, double spaced2. List two books or academic journal articles on a literary theory, an author, or a specific story/poem that you think you might want to use.3. Include a Works Cited entry for each article. This can be the auto-generated entry from the library databases.4. Include a summary in your own words for each article. Each summary should be at least two paragraphs.3. At the end of the page, write a paragraph about what texts (at least 3) you are thinking of using, a theory, and what you would like to find in your research.
Please refer to this handout for Theory Background and Questions: which will be found in the file below.
please use this website for finding the source Evans Library | Florida Tech (fit.edu)
Also, the source must be from 1997 UNTIL 2022.

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writing Annotated Bibliography | Browse Homework Help
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