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fixing the essay Essay 2 Prompt Objective:
Write a rhetorical comparison essay that effectively compares two texts and analyzes the authors’ use of rhetoric, presenting evidence from both texts as support. Have the ability to recognize different rhetorical strategies and how they contribute to effective writing.
Student will organize ideas in well-developed, coherent, and stylistically sophisticated analytical essays.
Student will apply logical reasoning to identify and evaluate authors’ use of rhetorical techniques, participate in critical thinking class discussions and activities, and compose clearly organized and effectively argued written analyses of those texts.
Student will discuss a variety of argumentative and analytical assignments and demonstrate the effective use of rhetorical strategies and an awareness of style.
Comparison/contrast normally analyzes two or more things, using an established logical system.
Comparing things is examining them for their similarities; whereas contrasting them is looking for their differences. When you want to persuade your readers that a difference exists between what they believe and what you want them to believe, a comparison/contrast is an effective system of organization for illustrating those differences.
As we have discussed in class, a rhetorical analysis examines and explains how texts are constructed so as to evaluate their effectiveness for a given audience. This means that while your analysis might discuss the ideas (content or topics) in the texts that you choose, your main concern is how the purpose and message of the text are presented and constructed to appeal to the targeted audience and the implications thereof. In constructing a rhetorical analysis, the writer (that’s you!) identifies and critically analyzes the rhetorical strategies the author/writer uses in order to comment on the effectiveness and/or significance of the text.
Due Dates:Rough Draft: Thursday of Week 5
Final Draft: Tuesday of Week 6
Length:5-6 pages, not counting the Works Cited page
Required Reading:
The two articles you read (“California Schools Should Remain Closed until Science Says It’s Safe to Reopen”
Actions and “It’s Past Time for Schools to Reopen”)Actions
both address an issue that directly affects you, reopening our schools. The two articles take different approaches and try to convince you, as the reader, to support/believe the claims being made. The key here is to be a critical reader as you consider these arguments. For this assignment, you will develop a rhetorical analysis of texts (just like you did for Essay 1). However, you will focus not only on one but on both of these texts. Your purpose is to analyze the effectiveness of each argument to show which text has a stronger argument.Remember that your job here is not to argue whether or not schools should open. Your job is to argue which author made an overall more effective argument and how.
Prompt:Write an essay in which you evaluate AND compare the authors’ arguments. As always, this does not mean that you will agree or disagree with the arguments. (You should not be focusing on the issue re-opening schools; you should be focusing on the way they present their arguments and the rhetorical strategies they use or logical fallacies they commit). You should not comment on the actual arguments but rather focus on how well/effectively those arguments are written or developed.
You will want to explain each rhetorical choice for each of your sources, give descriptions or examples, and explain why the author(s) made that particular choice. Your thesis for this paper should focus on which is more effective in convincing the audience if its claims.
In order to analyze the argument, you will consider and compare/contrast both authors’ use of:
Logical fallacies
Types/Strength of evidence
IntroductionThe introduction should give readers background into the issue of rhetoric, introduce both texts concisely, and end with a thesis that makes a claim about which argument is overall stronger or more effective.Sample thesis: Overall, Rachel Baird developed a more effective argument in her article due to her superior use of ethos, logos and organizational type.

A minimum of 2-3 body paragraphsEach body paragraph should focus on one strategy to compare. It should provide at least one example from each of the texts and then analyze (show why/how the one text was stronger)

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MLA formatting and a Works Cited page, which lists both articles
For help with the formatting and organizing of this essay, please see Comparing and Contrasting: Point by Point.
For an example of what this essay will look like, please check out Sample Essay 2-Rhetorical Comparison.
The sample focuses on two different texts but the same prompt.Recommendation: The Writing CenterFor Spring 2022, ONLINE TUTORING will be available:
Mon. 9:30-6
Tues. 9:30-7
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Fri. 10-3.
Limited IN-PERSON TUTORING will be available starting February 28.
Monday-Thursday 9-2.
You can request a Zoom Video Tutoring session, an Email Tutoring session, or an In-person tutoring session (vaccinated students only and starting 2/28) by
Following filling out the appointment request form (Links to an external site.).
Clicking the blue “Tutoring” link on the left side of your course container in Canvas.
Emailing Cuyamaca.Tutoring@gccccd.edu
Visiting our website at www.cuyamaca.edu/tutoring (Links to an external site.) l
Leaving a message with your callback information at (619) 660-4525 for more information
If you have any questions on this prompt, please don’t hesitate to send me a Canvas message or email me at kim.bailey@gcccd.edu
The coronavirus breakout took a toll on in person education in schools which forced them totransition to remote learning from classroom learning method. Although school closing has aminimal impact on the coronavirus spread, yet a scientific approach is required for reopeningthem. The article “It’s Past Time for Schools to Reopen” by Helain Olen focuses on the impactof school closures on the quality of education delivered to children and its outcomes in the longrun which makes it important to re-open schools, whereas the article “California Schools ShouldRemain Closed, until Science Says It’s Safe to Reopen” by Rachel Baird prioritizes a scientificapproach for reopening schools by analyzing the risk factors to determine the right time toopen them.The majority of Americans are in the favor of reopening schools inclusive of includinggovernment officials. When the students of the Newyork city were forced to back to the remotelearning method in the first article, “Mark Ghaly” the California state secretary for healthand human services commented that “wehave not seen a connection between increased transmission and school reopening or in-personlearning.” similarly, in article two Gov. Gavin Newsom’s, American population andepidemiologist express inclination toward the idea of reopening schools.On one hand, according to the article “It’s Past Time for Schools to Reopen” the reopening ofschools in the European countries should be followed by America where the teachers areresistant to provide classroom learning. On the other hand, according to the article“California Schools Should Remain Closed, until Science Says It’s Safe to Reopen” peoplefocus the countries which have reopened schools ignoring the ones which had to close themagain and to re-open schools we have to wait for the right time by using clear metrics andobjective to protect the vulnerable population.Helain Olen discusses about the mindset of the Americans “If President Trump is for it; I amagainst it” and other aspects of politicians especially the Democratic to seem like tough,take-charge types bravely confronting a disease, without expending much in the way ofpolitical capital. On the contrary, Rachel Baird has not covered any politics aspect in herarticle and completely neglected it.To conclude, coronavirus pandemic led to both personal and societal catastrophe in theeducation sector especially for the students. The approach by Rachel in her article must befollowed to have a better and safer learning in the times of coronavirus. Although reopeningof schools is essential yet without a scientific approach it would be a disaster.comment to what my teacher told me
I am not sure. you are quite on the right track. It seems you are focusing on the subject, not the rhetoric. You want to pick maybe 3 things to discuss out of those listed. So let’s say you pick: organization, pathos and logos. So you will have an introduction with a thesis that claims one article is stronger than the other. Then you will have three body paragraphs: 1. Organization-here you will give an example of how one article is organized, then an example of how the other article is organized and then explain/analyze why one is better 2. Pathos-you will give an example of how one article uses pathos, then how the other article uses pathos and then explain why one is better 3. Same thing with logos. Then you will have a conclusion. I hope that helps!
Essay 2 Peer Review
No unread replies.11 reply.
Due Dates:
Rough Draft Due: Thursday
Response to Partner Due: Sunday
1. By Thursday, submit your rough draft of Essay 2. You can copy paste it into the discussion board or (preferably) attach it as a file. You will click “Create Thread” and attach your draft in a similar way as you have done for discussions or annotation in the past.
2. Check back in on Friday morning. I will have matched you up with a partner. Once you see who your partner is, find his or her post, download the rough draft, and make comments on it. You can use the insert comment function on word, or you can simply write your comments in red. Again, your grade is hugely dependent on how thoughtful and detailed your comments are.
3. On the last page, please respond to the following questions:
Does the author present the issue (rhetoric!) in his or her introduction? Is the attention grabber effective? Is the background information (introducing the articles) sufficient?
In the thesis, does the writer clearly make a claim about which author presented a stronger argument and why? (there should be clear comparison; you are arguing one did it better, not just showing what each author did)
Does the writer support his/her thesis with specific rhetorical strategies/fallacies? Does the writer use the point by point method of comparison, focusing on one strategy or fallacy per paragraphs and showing how both authors do with it? If needed, review Comparing and Contrasting: Point by Point.
Does the writer give specific examples from the text to show each rhetorical strategy at work? Are there at least two examples per body paragraph?
Does the writer explain how these examples either make the argument stronger or weaker? Is there a clear comparison being made between the two writers?
Are all examples from the articles cited properly with in-text citation? Is the paper formatted in MLA style? Is there a works cited page in the end?
Does the writer have a conclusion that restates the thesis and gives a final thought?
Are there any obvious/distracting grammatical or structural errors?
What is this paper’s greatest strength? What still needs work, and how would you suggest the writer revise to correct that problem?
3. By Sunday at 11:59pm, hit “Reply.” Attach the draft with comments and the questions answered so that your partner can review them and make changes to his or her essay before the due date (next Tuesday of Week 4).


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