Writing the SIX Learning Journals about the six articles

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Writing the SIX Learning Journals about the six articles
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(What is the date?) • (What do I plan to study; what do I hope to learn?) Here you write a few complete sentences about what you are doing (I am in class; I am in a cafe, etc.), and what you plan to study or learn (I am reading McCarthy’s _The Road_, and I want to find out where in the world the man and boy are, and what happened to destroy the environment.) • (What materials am I using?) Here you note what you are reading and who wrote it, or what you are otherwise engaged with (video, research, writing, etc.) • (What people or works are referenced that I want to follow up on?) Here you note any books, articles, TED Talks, or people, etc., mentioned in relation to the subject you are pursuing. Use Google or other research tools to determine how far you want to look into them. • (What words, terms, dates, people, or institutions am I encountering that I do not know?) Here you list words, etc. that you do not know. You should look them up immediately, or as soon as you have the resources available to do so. NEVER SKIP OVER ANYTHING THAT YOU DO NOT KNOW! The whole point is to get more informed about everything because you cannot be certain of your future wants and needs. • (How much time did I really put in? How many pages did I read? How many words did I write?) Here you note what you actually did. This journal is for you alone, so lying is futile. • (What did I learn?) Here you answer this question in three good sentences or fewer. • (What questions arose?) Questions are the key to it all. • (How is my learning going? What will make it go better?) Here you write three sentences or fewer, remembering to be firm but merciful. Be specific in answering the last question

Article 1: “The Joy of Reading and Writing_ Superman and Me”–An Essay by Alexie.pdf

Article 2?fd_ReadandWrite.pdf

Article 3?”This Is What It Means To Say Phoenix, Arizona”.pdf

Article 4?Andrew Yang’s Proposal for Universal Income?https://www.politifact.com/article/2019/aug/12/andrew-yangs-universal-basic-income-proposal-expla/

Article 5?Menthol Products Should be Banned?https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/observations/we-should-ban-all-menthol-flavored-nicotine-products/

Article 6?Any pieces between 1-60 page of “the road” by cormac mccarthy


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